Frozen hiatus

OK, I lied. It wasn’t cold. Now it’s cold. Below freezing weather here is unusual for highs, and it’s two straight days of it here. Below zero wind chills, which is exceptionally rare. So until this arctic chill passes, I’m pretty much confined to my house. Further work on any projects is unfortunately pushed back.

The last few days before I did get a bit of time in the shop to make some progress on a few fronts. I dismantled the old router table carcass that had been serving as a cutoff stand. A lot of things got tossed, and the 3/4″ ply is awaiting processing for use in my attic. The result is that I have room to roll the current planer cart over in that space and gain even more floor space. Much win. Next up is to rout the channel for the rod in the flip top cart and trim those glued together boards to see what I’m looking at. Hopefully I still have enough material to work with.

I love the chisel holders. I’m waiting to see what I want to add on that third row before I do anything else. Apparently, I only have five screwdrivers. Thought there were six, but it’s just five. Would like to add the files, but only if I can swap handles. I like the files, not the plastic handles. Soon I will start putting together the frame for the door, where these will reside.

I had saved my old router table power switch, that had the stop flap broken off, for who knows what reason. I found a reason the other day, utilizing it as a power switch for my vacuum. Now I don’t have to unplug it from the power strip, which I’m sure will lengthen the life of the cord. I have it mounted near the door so I can hit it when I’m using the table saw. I don’t know where that switch will go long-term, but two screws and I can switch it up.

I am considering moving up the miter bench project to immediately after the flip-top cart. I’d love to go ahead and part the jointer and air compressor out of the way and have lots of room to work on the lathe stand and router table.

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