Frustration and recovery

This morning didn’t exactly start out well. I had three things I wanted to bring out and install in the workshop today: a spare house phone, a music player, and a camera. I was batting 0-3 early, but I have since gotten things together. It resulted in a late start, but things are looking up.

The spare phone is a cordless unit and base, which does not require a phone jack. It gets the signal from the main base unit in our kitchen, which is almost the closest room to the shop. I can leave it out here permanently, and have it be an easy way for my wife or kids to get in touch with me should they need to. It has an ability for the base to call the handset to find it, and you can then use it to communicate. Pretty handy for my use, and I should have thought of it sooner. Unfortunately, for about an hour I couldn’t find the handset. It turned up while I was looking for something else.

The music player is a Zune 30, which I discussed previously. I had the dock, the remote, the unit and the USB cable, but no audio cable or wall wart. Eventually, I did find the wall wart but the audio cable is MIA. I can hook it up to my portable radio, and it works, but I’d like to hook it into the TV so that I can control everything via a remote. I’ll continue to look for it, because that’s a great feature to have.

The third item is the digital camera. It turns out it is a Nikon Coolpix E5000. It’s an older camera, and only 5MP capable. However, it does have a tripod mount, a flash mount, and it isn’t being used for anything else. It does shoot in RAW, so I could theoretically do some processing on it and clean images up. Either way, I’m planning on using it for awhile and seeing what kind of images it produces. My issue here was I couldn’t find the battery charger. Luckily, I knew I had seen it in the last month or so, and eventually found it.

I’m actually a bit ahead now, because I remembered something else I have to potentially come out here: an old tablet, an HP Touchpad. The battery has been dead forever due to installing Android on it, but I may be able to recover it. I may end up using it out here if I can get it taken care of. I’ve got a keyboard and a wireless charging dock for it, but it will stay inside the house until I come out here and need it. Don’t want to risk the battery dying again.

I didn’t anticipate so much electronics ending up in the shop, but it does make life out here much nicer. The TV was a huge score, and just realized today that it indeed has a DVD player, which could be handy. Might leave the woodworking DVDs out here, as few as I have. Either way, I can still stream from the computer inside the house via the TV and the Plex app (for Fire TV it costs $4.99, or 499 coins, of which I had 700 for some reason. Score!).

Now…what in the world does this have to do with anything? Well, I just introduced a handful of electronics, which require plugs and wires. Getting the power situation (plugs, not running permanent power) sorted out plays heavily in the remodel plans. Yes, I’m going to term it a remodel, because just that much might be changed. To be honest, it probably only means daisy-chaining a couple of long power strips, but still.

You know, what I may do is bring the good laptop out here and do some on-site Sketchup modeling. I’m pretty sure I won’t be doing any actual work today.

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