Gaining inspiration

The fire is slowly coming back. I’ve been having the itch to create something, anything out of wood. The finish cabinet. A new router table. A tool cabinet. A new dresser. The lure of creating something really good and worthwhile is strong.

There’s a dresser project on WTO that interests me greatly, and it’s based on a Wood Whisperer Guild build that I actually have the DVDs to. I think my goal this week is to get them loaded on my computer, so I can stream on any device. That is especially true for the workshop, because the old laptop out there just isn’t capable of playing DVDs anymore. I’ll probably do the same for the side table DVD I also have, and there’s a wall-hanging cabinet DVD on the way as well. I’m really enjoying the Friday Flash sales going on.

I’m also hitting Google Image Search hard for more shop ideas. I found a great one today of a super small shop completely outfitted with Festool. I use Pinterest to save the pictures while keeping the original credit to the creator. I don’t want to start hosting other people’s pictures on my site, for sure. Once I’ve compiled some ideas, I may link to it. Pretty bare right now, though.

These projects and ideas are giving me more confidence to try new techniques, such as sliding dovetails, and working with hardwoods in general. For too long I’ve let my fear hold me back, and it’s about time I do something about it.

I had an idea for one of my longest-held electronic items: my Zune 30. It is an older media player, limited by size and compatibility these days. It just sits on my desk waiting to be used. Why not give it a home in the shop to play audio, when needed? The Fire stick should be able to handle any streaming, so I can just load it up with tunes and play it through either the TV or the portable radio. Might as well give the thing a use in this smartphone and streaming world. It’s got a remote and a charging dock, so should do well.

I have been, slowly, working on an entry about the new router table. It’s still a bit in the design phase, still sorting out exactly what is going to go where. Perhaps this week, depending on distractions, of which I have plenty. Stay tuned.

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