Gaming through the years

My first introduction to video games was through an Apple IIc in the early 80s. You might remember Lemonade Stand and programming in Apple Basic. Around that time I also remember us having a TI-99/4A. The only concrete thing I remember from that was playing Chisholm Trail, and perhaps Choplifter! (but maybe I’m confusing a different platform). Car Wars, Tombstone City, Blasto also were games I must have played, as their artwork immediately springs to mind.

Besides the Apple, there really weren’t any gaming items in our house until the early 90s arrived and I finally got something of my own – a Game Boy. I remember having the usual mainstream games, and a ton of accessories – a light and battery pack come to mind. In 1995 or so my dad bought our first true gaming console, the Sega Saturn. This is old school gaming to me. I held onto it for a very long time and think I still have it today. The confusion stems from it breaking about ten years ago and attempting to fix it – I can’t remember if I swapped a part in or replaced the entire console. I seem to recall buying a round button (version two) unit but then figuring out I could fix the first one. My memory is fuzzy. A couple of years later I got in short succession a Playstation and then a PS2 for my room. That’s probably about when my grades started slipping in school. I wrote previously that I still have the PS2, I sold the PS1 because it was superfluous.

The PS2 was a fixture for me for several years more for it’s DVD capability than gameplay. Once I moved to North Carolina and started working for Blockbuster I was turned onto several series and other consoles by a coworker named Henry. I started playing the Ratchet series, Final Fantasy XI and a few others. Namely, though, he convinced me to buy an Xbox. I wasn’t sold on it at the time, but quickly it became my go-to console. Buying it for a discount at work helped. This was in 2004, and I quickly started buying up older consoles as well like the NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube and a Dreamcast. In 2008 or so I sold off all the Nintendo consoles to buy a Wii and use their Virtual Console. I probably could have done better holding onto the older systems, but with small children space was becoming an issue. The motion gaming has never really appealed to me, but you can’t deny Nintendo’s title selection.

I received a 360 for Christmas one year, and went through the usual RROD scenarios. A 60GB PS3 came around 2008 or 2009, right before they were slated to be returned to Sony. I bought this particular one because of the backward compatibility. It sounds like a jet, but still works great and has been our primary Blu-Ray player ever since. The console front has been quiet until recently when I bought a Wii U to partially replace the Wii (it went downstairs).

As far as handhelds go, I mentioned the Game Boy. I received a PSP in 2005 or so, and bought a DS shortly after but returned it. I still have the PSP and breathed new life into it. When the kids got their DSis, I got interested again and bought a 3DSXL earlier this year. I also game heavily on my iPad Mini, but not really on my Android phone.

That’s my story to this point.

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