Gathering Table – Day 1

(Part Two of a continuing series)

The project got off to an okay start this morning. I started a bit later than I intended, but I was pretty refreshed when I did. I decided previously to start on the legs of the table to start. These are 4x4s of eight feet in length. Needing only about 28″ or so for each leg, I had some leeway to pick the best that I could for the legs. I cut them on the miter saw to a length of about 36″, to give me plenty of room to cut off any snipe that might come about from the jointer or planer.

Once the leg pieces were cut down, I pulled the jointer into position and verified my fence was at a 90º angle to the beds, and I was taking off as light of a pass as possible. Or, I thought I verified my fence was perpindicular. After a few passes on each piece to get a square corner, I noticed those corners were anything but square. My fence was the tiniest bit off, which might explain errors in previous projects. I manhandled the fence to a near true enough 90º as possible, and re-checked. Much better. My legs were going to be a bit thinner than I wanted, but nothing I hadn’t planned for. After a few more passes on the jointer to fit the error, I moved on to the planer.

Things went pretty well on the planer. I did notice right before the last pass on all of them, that one leg was a perfect parallelogram. I’m not exactly sure how that happened, but I assume that I did something wrong at the jointer. Perhaps I didn’t correct that one like I thought I did. I think I have enough to fix that one, and bring the other legs down in dimension to match. I’ll check that hypothesis tomorrow. My good three legs are at 3.25″ square, and to fix I’m thinking they would need to be 3″ square. I’ll work on that one in the morning and see what the final tally is, then decide. Buying a new 4×4 would set me back about $15, and the plans can easily support a 3″ square leg.


wpid-imag0424.jpg wpid-imag0425.jpg wpid-imag0426.jpg

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