Gathering Table – Day 10

(Part five of a continuing series)

With the table legs being basically done (need to cut to length, mark which end will be down and epoxy), I moved onto prepping the first 2×4 boards. The process for these is a bit different than the 4x4s, since I’ll be using more of the entire board. The most time-efficient thing for me to do is to process the board first, then cut down to the various lengths needed.

As such, I picked the first four boards to start on the table base. I picked through roughly a third of the stack and kept the nicer boards for later. These four boards will make up a few different pieces, but primarily they are the two long trestle lengths, and two of the short leg sections that will sandwich the trestle parts. Because of the design, I can’t construct the two leg ends separately, the entire base will really have to be done at once. If I end up making more than one of these, I might look at a way to do it a little bit differently and keep the same design – be able to make the ends then put the trestle in. To do this I would have to cut the ends off and glue them on, something that might weaken the structure significantly. Some experimentation might have to happen. It’s similar in concept to a fake through mortise. I’ll do it this way and see just how hard it is first. The main problem will be one of space, but I can overcome that. I can probably get the entire base assembled in the shop and then it could sit outside while I make the top – the big advantage of using the cedar vs the pine or fir.

Anyway, I ran a long side of the boards through the planer just to clean them up (flatness isn’t a big concern here) and then did the 90º on one corner. Then it was through the planer for the other long side and I also cleaned up the last surface here as well, even though I didn’t necessarily need to. I figured until I could rip them down having each side be able to release any tension would be best. The boards then went back onto the sticker pile to normalize and the morning work was done.

With the 4th being on Friday, I probably won’t return to the shop until Saturday morning at the earliest. The next steps I think are to cut down those prepped boards to what I need to start a rough assembly – the legs and crosspieces will be marked for tenons and dry-fit to mark the notches for the trestle boards.

Stay tuned for some pics. While I didn’t take any yesterday I have some from the previous days and will take a lot more through the assembly aspect.

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