Gathering Table – Day 13

(Part six of a continuing series)

Saturday I was able to get out to the workshop and continue working on the four boards I had processed. These boards were for two short base pieces and the two trestle parts. On the boards with the short pieces, the remainder will be used for the long base pieces.

I cut the boards to what I needed for the longest section on each board, then ripped the needed supply pieces to the correct width. Due to the precision in which I need to make everything fit together, I had to head back into the house and do some reworking in Sketchup to make sure all my lengths were correct. The modified plans called for 2.25″ square legs and mine were nearly 3.125″, so some adjusting was needed. Since the table top is going to be 84″ long, I didn’t have to cut anything down.

I marked on the two short end pieces and the trestle pieces where I had to cut the dados for everything to interlock.

To continue I will have to process all remaining boards. I need to start mocking up more of the base, and to do that I’m going to have to start cutting up a lot of boards. I’ll also not have the room to continue pulling boards out to process, so might as well get it all done now and let it cook. I didn’t have much of a problem with it warping, so I’ll pull all the boards out, run them through the jointer and planer, and then put them back so they’re ready to go.

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