Gathering Table – Day 15

(Part seven of a continuing series)

Short update today, I wanted to get comfortable with the new Domino cutter and see if I could get things planned out for the joinery.

I ordered a 10mm cutter and a box full of 10x50mm mahogany Dominos from Amazon while the 10% off sale was running. The bigger tenons (versus the 5mm ones I have been working with) will provide a bigger surface area for the glue to adhere to and provide a stronger joint. I will be doubling up on the tenons at each joint, strengthening it even further. I could probably use three or four, but that would mean trying to figure out double offsets and trying to get all that lined up. I think two will be fine.

My comfort with the Domino is really growing, and it is showing in the joints. After forgetting to compensate for the offset, I decided for the 18mm fence setting for the 2×4 pieces, and a 30mm fence offset for the legs, giving approximately a 1/2″ offset for a nice look. I could have gone for a smooth look, but the offset just gives a nice shadow line and makes for a much more professional looking assembly. As always, the tenons fit in the mortises perfectly.

To get good clean mortises, the Domino requires patience. A firm grip on the tool and fence, the piece being properly supported, and a slow, even plunge. Suction to clear the chips is a must too.

I think I will spend a little time this afternoon clearing up and preparing for the other board processing. I am going to go ahead and cut to length the table leg pieces and set them off to the side. I won’t be making the mortises in the legs or cross pieces until all the parts for that are ready to go. I’ll need to mock up the entire trestle and make sure all my lengths are correct before I start putting holes in the wood.

wpid-imag0660.jpg wpid-imag0659.jpg wpid-imag0658.jpg

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