Gathering Table – Day 22

(Part eight of a continuing series)

The humidity here is like a shower following you wherever you go.

I went out to the shop today to start on processing the rest of the boards. I thought I would be really efficient and get them all done, but I was only able to do four. The sweat was pouring off of me onto tools and wood, so I decided to stop at an even number. As usual I ran through the jointer several times to get two adjacent sides squared up, then I ran through the planer on the other two sides down to what I needed. Since I pulled all the boards out at once and stacked them up, the processed boards went back on the sticker stack to adjust. Hopefully I’ll get all the boards done this week, everything will sit for a few days, and then it becomes crunch time – all the boards get cut into their respective parts and labeled. Then the first of August or so I cut Dominos and dadoes and we start dry assembly.

Hopefully with the cooler and drier weather we are about to get I’ll be able to get the rest of the processing done without losing several pounds at a time.

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