Gathering Table – Day 24

(Part nine of a continuing series)

Wednesday was a very good day. The humidity and temps were low enough that I was able to process seven boards or so in the morning without breaking a sweat. I was so enthused I returned in the afternoon and processed five more. I still didn’t sweat as much as I did Monday morning.

The process was the same, without too much issue. Run through jointer, then planer, then return to the master stack. I filled my separator up twice! I know immediately when the separator is fulled when using the planer, as I disconnect the vac hose, and I get showered with chips. The blower on the planer is that powerful. Makes a huge mess if it starts right at the beginning of a board, and especially bad if I’m doing a full width plane. Luckily with both instances I was cleaning up the edge of the boards.

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