Gathering Table – Day 26

(Part ten of a continuing series)

Down to the last three boards. These were processed in the usual manner. I then put them on the master stack along with the previously cut parts. This completes what I like to call Phase I. There still may be some dimensioning to do on various pieces, but by and large this portion of the project is done.

What will happen now is that I will do some cleaning in the shop (to be discussed in a separate post) and start on Phase II. Phase II will consist of picking out the pieces for the top and cutting all the pieces out. I am going to wait several days up to a couple of weeks for all the boards to adjust to their new dimension and the relative humidity. There are internal stresses that are released when boards are dimensioned and trying to work with them right away can give poor results. Typically this is done in two or more stages, so as stated there might be some minor work to be done on some boards left. The most critical boards for this are the ones for the top. The remainder should be fine with a small bow as the joinery will help straighten it out.

It feels really good to hit a milestone with this project.

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