Gathering Table – Day 48

(Part eleven of an ongoing series)

Thanks to two great weeks at the beach, and other days away from the shop, it has been awhile since I have been able to update. I’m incorporating everything I have done up until now in this post because it’s too difficult to tell which days I have done what. This brings us current up to Saturday, August 9.

Since the last update I had set all the boards in a stack to normalize while on vacation. When I got back, it was time to start cutting. I used the Festool track saw to cut all my rail pieces and cleaned up the cuts on the jointer. This produced my first error, a small one – I realized that the cut isn’t perfectly perpendicular, and on one of the rails it is slightly skewed. Not very noticeable, so I have left it. I then made the Domino cuts in all the base pieces and dry fit. So far, so good.

On Saturday it was time to make the dado cuts in the trestle. This produced error number two, a much bigger one. Apparently when I made the Sketchup file and my cut list, there was a discrepancy: the pieces in 3D called for 3.5″ height, and my cut list was 3″ high. I did this to cut down on material, but forgot to factor it in when cutting the dados. As such, I cut each dado 1/8″ too deep. This is a show-stopper, not one I can fix or hide (I tried with scrap wedges).

I have a query out as to the best course of action, but I think I’ll be offsetting the mortises in the rails to get everything looking and fitting right. If I offset each rail by 1/4″, I’ll arrive at a good fit. I’m pretty sure I have enough room to do it, I just have to make sure I cut each one the right direction. IF I cut accurately, then I SHOULD have this problem taken care of with minimal fuss. I’ll lose lateral stability on the mortises in one direction, but the lap joints being glued should mitigate that. I also don’t lose any stock for other parts.


As far as time frame goes, getting the project done before school starts is nearly impossible now. I might be able to get the modification done today, and if it all lines up I can start gluing. However, humidity is extremely high and my space is small. Gluing might present a challenge over what I expected because I’m going to have to get the trestle assembly glued up at the same time as the rest of the build. We’ll see. I need to hop down to Highland when convenient and pick up epoxy and Teak Oil.

I had thought the next logical step after making the base was to make the benches, but I don’t know. They should go together fairly quickly due to the lack of a trestle, but it would be nice to have the table itself done.


wpid-imag0751.jpg wpid-imag0753.jpg


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