Gathering Table – Day 5

(Part Three of a continuing series)

It’s hard to get outside in the humid, muggy conditions that plague Atlanta in the summer, and harder still when work and life interfere with the cooler parts of the day. I went and checked on the legs this morning to make sure they hadn’t curled up into a ball, and they hadn’t. There’s a little bit of curvature, but nothing I can’t handle nor would affect anything if they were used as-is. You have to sight down the edge of the piece to even see it, but I’m still going to try and get it out if possible. The internal stresses of the wood are sometimes released when you take it down to a new surface, and it can be unpredictable at times. In this case I could predict it, and I can plan for it when I move on to the rest of the stock.

All I did this morning was to clear up a fraction, as I had some emails to answer for work and be the generally irreplaceable fixture I am. Depending on plans, I will get out to the workshop tomorrow and at least take a crack at attempting to fix the fourth leg that is currently a parallelogram. It won’t be hard work, but I want to make sure I have enough material left when it is done. Otherwise, a new board must be bought. I think on Monday I will be able to start taking down some of the 2×4 boards toward final dimensions to prepare assembling the base. The trestle board that runs between the two leg assemblies has to be notched at both ends and a curvature cut on the bottom as a decorative touch. I unfortunately can’t make the notches until I have the leg assemblies dry-fit and mocked up. It will be interesting to see how well I can manage going from 23 long boards to many more shorter ones, all needing to be stickered when they are dimensioned.

53 days until school starts for me, and that includes a vacation so it’s even less. My goal is to be done by then, but I’ve found when I work when I don’t feel like it or rush, the project suffers. I work best when I feel the best, and I’m not going to take that shortcut here.

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