Gathering Table – Day 71

(Part fourteen of a continuing series)

The end is nigh.

On Saturday the table was picked up, and my friend seemed really happy with it. I wish I had time to sand it down a bit better to hide the planing marks, but I’ll get to it down the road. After it was picked up, I got a message that the mounting blocks broke – I anticipated it when I realized how narrow I made them. Everything else though, I was pretty satisfied.

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I decided to press on and see if I could get the benches done by Labor Day. Unfortunately due to some sciatica on Sunday I could not. However, I did make some progress but only took two pictures below.

On Friday I cut all the remaining pieces except for the bench tops and glued up the bench legs on the table outside. I also got the stretchers cut and processed down to dimensions in preparation for Saturday. With the bench legs glued up, I ran them through the jointer and planer to 2.5″ square. I then marked the legs and stretchers for mortises and took care of those. I planned for a shadow line on both long and short sections, but a mistake in cutting the mortises for the long sections meant they turned out flush. I could have fixed, but it seemed like it was way more trouble than it was worth.

The bases went together much like the table base, but without the trestle, so it was easier. There is a curve on the lower rail, though. I believe I got one completely done with finish on Saturday. On Sunday, I woke up with a huge knot over my sciatic nerve, and walking was an issue. I decided it would be in my best interest to take the day off. Monday was an easy day, finishing up the second base and applying finish after sanding. I then processed all the bench top boards, a simple process considering they already had one true corner from before. I cut to rough length, ran through the planer down to just over 5″, and did the glue-ups in two batches. I even got to put finish on one and a half of them – I ran out of teak oil.

So, the project is nearly complete. I just need to grab some more oil and finish up the tops (with a second coat as well) and attach them to the bases. This second part will be a little tough – I can’t use the Domino because the opening is too narrow. I thought about alternatives, and I think the router with a rabbeting bearing bit would be my best choice. I’ll test on some scrap wood so I can line it up with the Domino so I can make a big batch of these block connectors. Remember, I have to replace the ones on the table.


wpid-wp-1409662528964.jpeg wpid-wp-1409662524315.jpeg

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