Gathering Table – Day 74

(Part fifteen, and final entry in the Gathering Table series)

Time to celebrate!

The benches, and thus the project, is complete. The last bit of work involved picking up a bit more teak oil. The total used on the project was just over a quart. I finished up the second bench top and turned to the first – for some reason, there were large areas that were uneven with the finish. I took the top down to 60 grit and worked my way up, and gummed up quite a bit of paper. The result was worth it though, after I rubbed on another two coats. With the finish done on the project, I had to turn to a way to attach the bench tops.

On the table, I used a total of ten attachments, with mortises cut into the inner rails of the base. I couldn’t really do that here, with the base being so narrow. I set about making the stock anyway, trying to figure out a way I could use the new, beefier anchors on the table and the benches. I figured out that if I set the Domino at 25mm to compliment the 30mm holes already drilled, it would be a good way to go. I could also take care of any peaks where it didn’t overlap with a mortising chisel.

So, that takes care of the weak attachments for the table, but the problem still remained with the benches. I turned to the router, where I hoped a rabbeting bit would at least get me close. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough depth on the bit. Back to square one. Then by a stroke of luck, I found that the Domino just fit between the leg posts. It would be enough. So the benches only have two attachments points on the ends, but I think it will be okay. I batched out enough for the table and benches, plus have enough to repair any that break. I actually have a board of it with instructions so I can duplicate the feat for another project.

I thought I mentioned it before, but I put a small chamfer on the bottom of all the bench legs, since I know they will be moved around much more. I did all of them except the first pair I glued up, so I had to break out the plane for two edges that I couldn’t do on the router table.


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