Gathering Table – Day 8

(Part four of a continuing series)

Due to weather I couldn’t get started on the trestle, but it was able to finish up the table legs. The fourth leg (the parallelogram) was very easy to fix. A few passes on the jointer to true up a corner, then a couple of passes through the planer and it was a square again. I hadn’t done much removal on it before I realized the problem, so it turned out that I had very little to do to the other legs to get them to match. I’m only about 1/8″ shy of 3.25″ on each side. Certainly works for me.

The goal for tomorrow will be to process two boards so I can then crosscut and rip for the two trestle boards. Eight foot boards will be a challenge, but it has to be done. They’ll go right back on the stack to equalize and then perhaps Friday I can finish them up. It will be my first chance to see how the two-by stock fares after dimensioning – the four-by did pretty well.

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