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I finished up the Christmas project today, and I’ll be writing it this weekend for posting on Christmas or shortly after. It was an interesting project, and hopefully one that will be enjoyed for a long time. The kids like it, hopefully the recipient will as well.

It was getting dark, but thanks to my new lighting I wasn’t ready to pack it up for the evening. I got started on a project a good year in the making, fixing the shop drawers. When I say fix, I don’t mean get them show ready. I mean usable, because they won’t stick around for much longer. The problem I had with the drawers was I didn’t install them correctly – they were too close together and had no pulls on them. That meant opening them was a challenge. I was able to work on one column tonight and the result is above. I cut the bottom drawer shorter, then reinstalled all the drawers with a hardboard spacer so they could actually open. I also reseated the screws on the cabinet pieces so the wheels wouldn’t catch the heads. I can use all the drawers now! The pulls were eyeballed, so if they aren’t lined up I don’t really care. I’ll make a template for the next version of the cabinet.

I wasn’t able to measure anything for the remodel, however I did pull the specs off Home Depot’s site for my Ridgid vac. It’s not good. By the time I add the plywood for the cabinet I’m either already at or approaching no-go status for putting it up in the front corner. I think it hangs down way too low and it’s too wide. I’d be endangering my head every time I went to turn, or at least my shoulders. Doesn’t look promising. By the size specs though, there is a possibility it could fit between the lower rails of my workbench. It would take up half the storage there, but it is an option. Using an appropriately sized deck box or shed just outside remains a remote possibility.

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