Giving Thanks – 2014

One should always strive to be thankful. I know it’s especially hard for me with how I see so many shortcomings with my shop, so at least once a year I try to look on the bright side. It’s always appropriate to do this on Thanksgiving.

I’m thankful that I have a shop to ply my hobby with at all. It might be the inanimate expression of a leper, but it stands mostly level and doesn’t leak. I am certainly thankful for it staying dry, if not a bit humid. I’m thankful for the window that doesn’t quite close, letting light help lighten my path. I’m thankful I’ve come up with a pretty decent way to power the shop, at least temporarily.

I’m thankful that I have a job where it allows me to spend to further my hobby, and up until recently, was flexible enough to allow me to spend time out there. I’m thankful I kept an open mind on tools, or I never would have gotten some of the gems I have. I’m thankful for great tutors on YouTube, without which I probably wouldn’t be able to do much of anything. I’m thankful for a free OS, that now allows me to watch said YouTube vids or anything else while I’m in the shop on a way-too-old laptop. I’m thankful for my family who allow me time in the shop.

I’m thankful my shop retains at least a bit of heat when the heater is on in the winter. I’m thankful for bug spray and fans in the summer. I’m thankful for battery powered tools and radios. I’m thankful for protective eyewear so comfortable I often wear them inside at the end of the day.

I’m thankful for plug-in lights that allow me to work at night should I wish. I’m thankful for battery lights that allow me to close up shop after the cord is wrapped up. I’m thankful for Sketchup in a ton of ways. I’m thankful for everyone who reads this.

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