Giving thanks

It often seems like I complain about my shop because…well, I do. It frustrates me, it puzzles me, it annoys me. But it also gives me so much. I’ve gotten so much out of this hobby and my workshop. I was able to donate some work to my church in various instances. My kitchen and dining room would look completely different. I have been able to give presents and gifts through it. My kids have spent some time out there making things and cleaning.

I am thankful I have a job that gives me the time and the funds to explore this hobby. I am thankful for a family that understands and encourages my efforts. I am thankful for the great resource that is the internet and the personalities that provide instruction and amusement on it. I’m thankful for the people who have pointed out the great deals for me to afford as much as I have. When I head out there on Friday afternoon I’ll be thankful for this little undersized heater I have. In the summer, bug spray. I’m thankful for Braves and Georgia football radio broadcasts that help me pass the time. I’m thankful for the lung protection that I need to use more often. For having a pretty good lumber yard nearby. For nearly every major woodworking supplier within a reasonable drive.

And for as much stick as I give my shop itself, that I am very thankful for. It may have ants and crappy plywood and it’s state of unlevelness and no power heat or air…but it is mine. The roof doesn’t leak, the doors and windows mostly close, and after a fashion can be quite comfortable in winter. I’m thankful for having all the major tools even though my layout might need some work.

Most of all, though, I’m thankful for a hobby and a place that allows me to create awesome things. I’m thankful that it appears things will become more awesome in the future.

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