Goodbye 2015

It’s been a couple weeks since I last posted, and I’m not surprised. Work was a little bit disjointed, and I had a small project to take care of. I built a little weight stand for my dad out of 2x4s and Dominos. I didn’t bother taking much if any pictures, it was something that I just sort of did as a prototype. If I have to build it again, I’ll document it and build it out of something like the cedar I have.

Well, this post is really going to wrap the year up, if at all possible. I thought I was all set to build a new shop, and Mother Earth decided no, at least for now. I did make some nice progress on things inside the shop, like making a new lathe stand, upgrading my air hose reel, getting together storage for the systainers, among other things. I think the goal for 2016 will continue down this path. As the shop stands today, I’m in no position to start on a new project. I spent yesterday afternoon between monsoons cleaning up the mess in the yard, and I hope to be better about that as well.

Some new tools came into the shop as well in 2015. Did some nice comfort upgrades as well, including a TV with streaming, additional lights, and other upgrades. I think 2016 will just be incremental upgrades. I can’t believe I fit everything I did into 2015, I’m not going to pretend that I have a ton of time next year to get the entire world accomplished. I need to focus on the things that will help me become a better woodworker, to make better projects. A good bit of that will involve getting things squared away with storage. I’ve talked about plans before, and I’ll get specific about what I want to do in a 2016 introductory post. I like to have it be the first or second post of the new year so I can come back to it at this time next year.

I will mention my Christmas, briefly. It was a good one for the shop. I got some gift cards to various woodworking places, the fruits of which will be arriving early 2016. I got some nice Narex rasps, unexpected hardware storage, hand sanding blocks in a mini systainer, and some mallets from my kids. I’ll have to work on getting that stuff organized almost before anything else. I also finally got my watermark issue fixed in Lightroom, so I’ll be able to start putting my mark on my pictures and keep them from being stolen so much.

Hope you had a good 2015, and thanks for being here on the journey.

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