Great success

Two things went right for me today in the shop (out of two, which is nice). I tested out the new bandsaw blade in a more controlled manner. I set up a cut with the marking gauge and checked out how it did relative to the line. While it started out at the line, id did flare out almost immediately, but kept that exact distance for the entire cut. So, I’d nearly consider that a pretty good result. Perhaps with a touch more tension and a bit more practice I can get a great result.

The other good news was that I was finally able to put an edge on my cabinet scraper. I had only did a straight-on burnish the other day, but this time I read the instructions and tilted it down both ways to get the good lip that makes shavings instead of dust. Very good results there, nearly no dust and little thin shavings. I’ve gotten worse plane shavings in the past, that’s for sure.

While I only had about an hour in the shop today, it was one of the best hours there has been out there. I also checked what was advertised as the fine-cut rasp, and I have to say it does seem slightly more fine of a cut than the other one I have. It’s just nowhere near what my file is, and I suppose I should have expected that. So, it will probably be kept, although one of the half-round rasps would probably be a better choice.

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