Greatest Hits…or Misses

I’ve had the most awful time getting a post going this week. Either I was away from a good writing spot (tablet and phone don’t count), or when I finally made the effort to write something I had a mental block. So, this right here is going to be a big retread for anyone who has kept up with the site. I’m probably going to rehash a lot of things to get my creative juices flowing. Feel free to skip this one, as this one is for me. It should probably just be private, but figured it might be a good tool get you over a writing or idea block.

Woodworking is a universal language – I know this, because I at times watch German woodworkers do their thing. I’m not proficient in German, but my eyes still work and I can understand a decent bit. I’d probably actually understand more if they were speaking in Spanish, but I really like HolzWerken, and I doubt they have a branch office in Madrid. I bring up woodworking in other languages, because even if it isn’t your native one, you can still get a horde of good ideas and techniques. I have come to appreciate information from almost any source. It’s just good policy to keep your options open.

Speaking of videos…it’s been a boring summer. My usual troop of subscriptions has dried up a bit. Paul-Marcel has been absent all year, swinging from the big top (I’m not kidding, check out his Facebook page). Eric (mrbigerock) hasn’t done any videos since early spring. Marc (The Wood Whisperer) has steadily cranked out videos, however while I have learned things it hasn’t been what I’ve been looking for. Good stuff, but I’ve been needing shop ideas to get me back in the groove. Peter Parfitt (New Brit) has done a few electronics videos, which I don’t have any interest in. So, I’ve been re-watching old videos from these and other sources.

The amount of house projects I want to do hasn’t decreased. Video game and DVD storage. Entertainment center. Living room sofa cabinet. Bedroom suite. Bookcases. Revisiting some of the earlier projects. Similarly, the shop feels like it’s time to revisit storage there, even the sysports I just completed a few months ago. With the shop, even the things you think are the perfect solution may evolve over time. I think there are some tweaks available to be made, and I should look at every eventuality. The biggest and most pressing thing is to figure out exactly what to do with the miter saw once and for all. Serving as a scrap cart isn’t doing me any favors.

I really do want to get back into woodworking, and I have an ambitious project I want to do above all – a new dresser for myself. The basic design is a bit like a Ikea Hemnes tall dresser, but for the price they are asking right now I’d love to build it myself, even though time is an issue. I certainly won’t save any money either, but it’s an investment. Even though we have had exceptional good luck with the quality from Ikea (entertainment center and bookshelves, plus kids dressers and office furniture), I’ve wanted to make a matching bedroom suite for quite some time.

For all of these things, I need to get back into Sketchup. I’ve barely touched it for months, which should tell you the state of things. I used to have it up all the time. I need to start designing something straight away, which may lead to an opportunity to provide new content – wouldn’t that be nice? Even if it’s just discussion. I also need to make a supplies/shopping list for some additional purchases. Normally this would be private as well, but I thought it might give some clues about where my head is.

I can’t guarantee content is back on the upswing, but here’s hoping.

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