Guitar Hangers

Recently, I decided I wanted to take up guitar again. I bought my first guitar, a 1995 Fender Squier Series Strat, and never really got the hang of it. I added an acoustic a few years ago, but still nothing. A Guitar Center opened up near me, and it really rekindled my desire. I have wanted a Les Paul for many years, and found what I would consider the deal of the century a little bit ago, used. A 2015 Epiphone LP Traditional Pro for about 70% off.

I mention these things because I no longer had room to safely store the guitars. I had a flimsy hard case for the Strat, and a soft gig bag for the dreadnought. Nothing for the LP. After wearing down the wife for a bit, I got permission to hang them on the wall. I could have just bought hangers, but what’s the fun in that? A video from Jon Peters gave me the inspiration, and I bought some rustic walnut to give it a shot.

It’s a fairly simple project all told. Cut up the walnut to size, put a little divot where the head of the guitar will sit, cut at about 15° to give the outside some shape, mark and drill some holes, put it together. Fill the screw holes, finish. This makes it way simpler than it really is, but you get the idea. Some progress pics (I did remember this time):

These were the two prototypes. As you can see, the head rest divots were not done very well. I was able to salvage the better two and combine for the acoustic hanger. This one ended up being shorter and a little wider than the rest. With modified dimensions, and an eye to making better head divots, I went on to make three more. I had much better control at the spindle sander this time.

I sanded to 120 and used Arm-R-Seal. I sanded again to 220 and then again to 320 with successive coats. The tall fence on the router table made a great spot to let them dry, and you can see some of the contrasting color in the plugs.

Yeah, almost all of that is Ikea. But when you need a home office up in short order, your job isn’t going to wait around for you to build custom stuff. When I move into a new house, I can start to think about what I really want it to look like and out of what. The guitar hangers are just a first step. I’ve also got one to grow on, or I may cut it in half for my kids ukes.

Thanks for checking this simple project out.

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