Happy New Year (belated)

I tried to write this post a week ago, but app issues prevented that. So now I write a new one that’s been updated with the results of today, starting with today. It was a fantastic day of getting organized. I have a slightly new layout that’s too mundane to go into great detail. Suffice to say the jointer, router table, drill press and planer are all in new spots from two weeks ago. I may be getting closer to a final layout, with some minor changes still to come.

What I found out last weekend is that I don’t need a dust collector, at least for the foreseeable future. My Shop Vac wasn’t cutting the mustard when it came to my planer. Turns out the Shop Vac was fine, but the 1.25″ hoses it came with were not. I purchased a couple of 2.5″ diameter hoses – one from the vac to a separator and from the separator to the tool. This worked great, so long as my depth of cut is shallow.

This revelation caused me to rethink a couple of aspects about the shop. The first is I need a different separator. I had intended to use the big cabinet separator, but with the smaller, less powerful vac solution, I think its too big. My current 5 gallon pail fills up quickly with the planer. Something to think about, and perhaps plan a solution that houses the loud vac as well.

There are other layout plans as well, to be discussed later as I decide on them. Now, pics of the cleanliness.

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