Have laptop, will travel

In the morning, I will be testing a theory.

Working remotely, I’ve really always had the opportunity to not be stuck at my desk, but I’ve always stayed right there for a few reasons. One, it’s familiar. I have a huge screen, comfy chair, and the things I need to do an efficient job. Secondly, I haven’t had a nice big screen laptop for some time. With the addition of the 15″ MacBook Pro to my arsenal, plus the available second screen if needed, I think it’s time to test this theory out.

If one day we get the opportunity to go elsewhere, I may not have my normal setup for an extended period of time. I may have to work regularly while on the road with only what I can fit in my backpack. Which leads me to my experiment tomorrow morning. After I drop my kid off at camp, I’m going to find a coffee shop to set up at for an hour or two and get my normal Monday morning tasks accomplished. Or try to. This is really just some reporting with spreadsheets, something that is fairly easily done with one screen, so no worries in that respect. This is probably something that someone else has easily done for years, but it’s a new thing for me. Normally I wouldn’t really work anywhere out because of HIPAA restrictions, but pulling together some productivity won’t be an issue.

So, what does this have to do with potentially moving? Well, with my desire to be in more of a community setting, we will likely need to set up in a smaller space. This means, while I will do everything I can to have a normal office space, there becomes the possibility that this won’t happen. As such, I may need to change up my space once in awhile to keep things fresh. The best way to do that is to leave a small flat for an outdoor space or a cafe. In addition, one of the changes I wanted to make was to leave my work space more often to improve my mood and increase my activity.

It really is a shame though that I don’t really have a place I could walk or bike to from my current location. A Costa Coffee wouldn’t go amiss. Or hell, even a Starbucks. The best I have is a small donut shop, and I’m not even a big fan of their donuts. Once again, a bit stymied by the necessity to do anything by car.

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