Helping out the 144

I don’t like asking for help. Never have. I don’t particularly like handouts, but do appreciate it when people lend a hand. I’ve been that person traditionally.

That said, I do need help building a new shop. Buying tools to fit needs is a different animal than building a whole new shop. At minimum I’m probably looking at $2000, and I could certainly see that go up to $10000, depending on some details. The low end of that spectrum is a no-frills replacement for my shop, which is probably all I’m expecting to be able to take on. The labor isn’t an issue, as I’d be building it mostly by myself.

Building a new shop produces a ton of content and discussion. Content that you can help create. I considered a fundraising, but I know that I don’t have enough family, friends and readers to hit any goals. I do, and have had an Amazon Associates account for many years. A few months ago I even got a deposit of ten dollars, the sum total of four years worth of link clicks. If you don’t currently contribute to a worthy cause like Wounded Warrior while you shop at Amazon, please consider using my affiliate link to help throw a few bucks my way over time. It adds nothing to your total, and it might help defray the hosting costs of the site if nothing else.

One thing I don’t want to do is hold this over anyone’s head. You won’t see reminders of it in every post. You won’t see huge banner ads. Whatever I do to keep it visible will be small, and unobtrusive. I don’t want to drive anyone away asking for money. I write this for me, and always will. The views, the readers, the clicks and the followers are all a bonus for me.

I’m in the process of selling some tools that I can do without as a first phase of fundraising. However I would have to sell my entire shop to gain enough to build a new shop, and that seems a bit counterproductive.

So, to your left just below recent posts and comments are two links. The first is to the Amazon homepage with my affiliate ID embedded. Using this link when you shop gives me a small (very small) kickback for referring you to the world’s toy store, again at no cost to you. If it so moves you to just straight up donate to website costs, an investment in a video setup or to build a new shop, there is a Paypal donation button just below.

That’s it. That’s my pitch. You won’t hear anything else about it unless I want to thank you. No pledge drives, no patreon, no subscriptions. I thank you for whatever you do, even if it is nothing. Thank you so much for joining me during the journey so far, and hopefully there will be years more to come.


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