Holiday time

Not much time out in the shop due to the holidays and friggin cold weather. I haven’t bothered with checking on the couple cans of finish, they’re probably toast because of the cold. Oh well. Been too busy to consider it. I checked the surface temperature of a few things yesterday afternoon, and they were acceptable. Need to get out there early one morning to check them then.

This is starting to sound like a broken record, but the shop is a disaster from my last project. Now that it’s been given as a gift, it was a Keurig K-cup holder that mounts under a cabinet. I experimented on this one, and did sliding dovetails as the sliding apparatus. The tails were too narrow, but they work. Need to investigate how to correct that in the future, most likely a smaller dovetail to create the socket. Holes for the cups were made with a 1.75″ hole saw, and eased with a chamfer. I’m sure I have a picture somewhere, I’ll see if I can find it. It’s not finished yet, because there was the chance it could be painted to match the cabinets.

Christmas was good to the shop. While it didn’t get everything it asked for, it did ask for a lot. A new Ryobi Supercharger (6 port battery charger) now holds all my current batteries and gives them a place to charge without having to plug in three chargers. It only charges one at a time though, so if I’m in need I’ll have to plug another one or two in to give me rapid charging. If I had constant power out there, it wouldn’t be an issue.

I also picked up some ‘mechanics’ tools, some wrenches and sockets that I’ve wanted for awhile. Will have to find a place to store them. I should be receiving a One+ Tile Saw today, something of an impulse buy it was so inexpensive. I’m hoping that it can serve double duty as a trim saw, but if it can’t I’ll get my money’s worth even if I just use it to clean grout. Won’t take up much room to store either. I’m hopefully receiving my new table saw guard after about a couple of months. Really looking forward to that, so I can work safer with a better riving knife and can use it in instances where I can’t use a guard.

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