Holy Humidity

Went out to the workshop today to work on more drawers and was sitting around contemplating some things. Reached for the broom handle and it was wet. Something else was also wet. Did I have a leak? No, just 99% humidity in the shop, putting a layer of moisture on everything. I made the mistake of wiping down part of my jointer table with the elbow of my pullover and got a nasty surprise. I should have known better.


Got one more column of drawers done, and used the empty space where I had thrown a drawer away as a small shelf for cutoffs. Needs a little bit of tuning, as it catches just slightly. This should allow me to get rid of that scrap cabinet and knock one more thing off my to-do list.

I wasn’t planning on spending any money before Christmas, but now I’ll need to buy a couple of Scotch Brite pads for the surface rust removal. It would also be a great opportunity to do a winter maintenance of all my blades and bits, plus put a coat of wax on all my tool surfaces. I’ll also grab a can of dry lube for the saw blades, hopefully I’ll get much better results when cutting 8/4 hardwood. It’s something I had planned for after the new year, but might as well take care of things now, between major projects. Would be a great time to also tune up all my planes. The chisels will wait until they have a permanent home.

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