Hope and change?

Time is almost up on my summer of hell. The semester winds down starting today, so hopefully all my free time won’t be taken up with sitting at my desk. It was a tough one, mainly due to at times five to six tests a week. For three classes, that’s excessive. Thankfully, this should be the only semester like this. Next summer is my last, and it’s a practicum. I’m not exactly sure what that entails, but it shouldn’t be as time consuming.

What hasn’t started to wind down is the heat. It’s Atlanta, it’s summer, it’s miserable. I never did buy that air conditioning unit for the shop, so my time out there has been even more minimal than in the past. Some of that is due to vacations, some work. Mostly school and the heat.

I think, though, there might be some time in the shop this weekend, at least in the morning. I’m down to just having to take two more finals and I’m done with this semester. I’ll be in the shop, but I don’t know what, if anything, I’ll do. Make sure things aren’t rusting, charge the batteries, that sort of thing. It would be nice to do a project, for sure. It would be pretty spectacular to do that shelving project for the video games, but I need to pick up some melamine. It’s a strong possibility to do next weekend. I can take next week and work out the cut list, and enlist my dad in picking up the sheet with his truck.

It’s funny, I hadn’t planned on writing anything today until I took a close look at the pantry I did. My first big woodworking project, done a bit prematurely all things considered. It still stands, and works well. I can see the exposed finish nails poking out of where I used them to secure the face frame. Things I wouldn’t even consider today. It’s a project I wouldn’t mind redoing, particularly with the mind to replace a few shelves with pull out drawers. That’s a luxury I can’t afford to spend money or time on right now, though. I also don’t want to spend the effort on rebuilding it when I might have other ideas on how to incorporate it with a kitchen remodel.

I have no real desire to spend any money on tools these days. I got what I needed, and that’s about it. There’s a few things I wouldn’t mind upgrading, but it’s really picky things at this point. Like the jigsaw – how much do I jigsaw? Not a lot. Not much need. I’d like to replace the miter saw with a Kapex just for space’s sake, but not happening anytime soon – probably during the life of the original model. Perhaps by the time there is a redesign. I have similarly not really been on any woodworking forums, have not stepped foot in a woodworking or home improvement store…it’s been the leanest summer since I bought my first router.

The good news is that it doesn’t look like fall will be this dire. School should be a little easier, and while there is a big event at work coming up at the end of September, outside of a couple of weeks around that time things should be fairly normal. I’m hoping to do one project this fall, but it’s TBD. I have something in mind, but I’ve been really struggling to wrap my head around the design. It should be something easy, but for some reason it isn’t.

I’m hoping with the end of this semester I’ll be able to write more. I already have a few topics lined up.

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