How well would a new shop work?

Money has obviously played a role in the new shop delay. Heat and effort a bit less so. As I reach the almost pinnacle of my current shop, I became interested in thinking about what a new shop would actually mean for me.

The most obvious thing would be a better seal. Window that doesn’t leak, doors that open and close properly, etc. Should help keep things much cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. A better installation of insulation will also help; I just need to decide if the floor gets some insulation too.

There would be two main benefits to a new shop being built – one, I would have more storage space in the ceiling. It would be built to my specifications and may have enough room to store all the dust extraction and air compressor up there. That would save a small amount of space. The other thing is that, if I go through with it, a bigger footprint. I’d build 16×12, and hope for the best.

With eight foot walls (perhaps 8.5′) and 48 more square feet of floor space, I get some opportunities handed to me. I can make a sheet goods storage center that will take up about 18-24″ on one side of the door. I should be able to keep three or four full sheets plus cutoffs. This would be absolutely massive for my ability to create. One of my biggest downfalls is not having what I need, and having to rent a truck or try and deal with the van.

Of course, with a new shop and not tearing down the current one, I could do some of this and have all of that additional space to call my own. I have options. As for a potential layout, I have no idea. It seems like I’ve hit on a very efficient layout, and aside from gaining a small amount of space around the tools I’m not sure there is any room for improvement.

If I had room to add them, I would add a CNC and a welder. A welder might be doable. I want to get back into working with metals, and if I get into furniture making working on my welding skills could be beneficial. Or making shop storage. What I would love would be to add a small CNC table, but I would have to get mighty creative in how to add it. If the old workshop still stood, not having the lathe take up room might be able to get it done. I don’t know. I need room in the old shop for a riding and push mower, plus yard equipment.

Something I really need to do in my future renders of a new shop is to account for the small things as well as the big things.

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