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This was supposed to be posted on 11/25. So here it is a bit late.

Do people still make jokes referencing Austin Powers? No? Okay.

I purchased the LS17 positioner system from Incra back in April, and I had been waiting for an appropriate time to upgrade to the better fence with dust collection and split-fence capability. The time for that was within the last couple of weeks, and it arrived recently. This is the first opportunity I have had to talk about it.

It’s called the Wonder Fence upgrade package, and like the LS17, I ordered it from Amazon. As I said, the Wonder Fence is a split fence design, allowing you to partially bury a bit behind the fence face, which you can only do to a certain size with the stock fence. It also comes with a way to capture dust through the fence itself out to the outfeed side of the fence, a capability to add support for tall pieces, and hardware to add a sacrificial fence. Well, it was supposed to come with all of that, but mine did not. A few emails to Mark at Incra did get the situation sorted out, and within a few days I got a package with all the missing parts and then some. The upgrade also comes with a bit guard and push pad, both of which are additional to the ones that came with the base package.

With the Wonder Fence you can also offset the fences to do jointing operations, which is a nice perk. I only tried it once before on the old router table and fence, and I doubt I’ll have much use for it going forward. The Wonder Fence is able to use all the accessories from the base model, like the 90° push fence and fence stop.

As you know, my main dust extraction is the Ridgid vac and Thein-topped separator. It isn’t an excuse for a full-fledged DC, but it’s what I can manage in the shop. Even so, the Wonder Fence seems to get a lot out of the airflow, at least when the fence halves are together. When I have to pull the fence apart for bigger bits, it is a bit less effective. I think a little flap or so that would help bridge the gap on top of the fence when it was open would do a much better job. There is one already for the back interior of the fence, but not the top. I wonder if there is a way to order another one and attach it somehow. Otherwise, I’m sure a small piece of plexi or similar would do the job. All I need is for the dust to not fly up and out of the fence channel so the vacuum can grab a hold of it.

Now that I have all the components to my router table, I can finally start designing my base in earnest. I’m glad I waited, because some assumptions I made didn’t turn out true.

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