I made a huge mistake

Don’t try to outsmart yourself. You’ll either make the earlier version of yourself look dumb or the current version. I just did the latter. I had the bright idea in the middle of a project to move some things around. What I ended up with is a mess that will likely have to go back just like it was, and a waste of several hours.

I wanted my workbench to stick out from the wall again. I thought it could be the outfeed table to my saw, and I’d move the back half of the shop around to compensate. It failed. I ended up almost breaking my chaos wall (it is purposely in two pieces right now), and the layout I ended up with is much worse. I thought that moving the router table would solve some inconveniences, like the two fences hitting each other and the drawers keep falling open, but what I got was much, much worse.

I’ll spend the next few days putting things back right, and this time I’ll move some stuff out of the shop to make that happen. Next time I think about moving things around I should go have a beer or something. The LEGOrganization part two post is obviously delayed.

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