Ideas, but no progress

I have a friend who is having to sell her house. I assisted in a project to convert a spare room into a walk-in closet, and the only thing left to do it put some shelves up. Even here, the prospect of actually making things is minimal. It’s much less money and effort to buy melamine shelves and mount them than to buy plywood, prep and paint it. There’s no customization needed, just cutting the shelves to length.

It was good work doing it, I enjoyed it. I’ll enjoy putting the shelves up as well, because I enjoy doing nice things for good people. It’s just not woodworking. I’ll get back to it eventually. I designed a entry bench and storage, and thought I might tackle that today. It wasn’t to be, because I have to figure out what to do with all the jackets in what is serving as the current one. Couple sheets of ply, some MDF, not a very complicated project. It would be a nice one to get back into things. The other thing I want to do is the LEGO storage which is a few basic drawers.

I’m thirsty to regain my thirst. I want to want to woodwork again. I want a new shop, too. Going back to the person who is selling their house: it is a great house, it would be perfect for our family. But it is out of our reach. There’s a spot perfect for a shop on the lowest level, it would be bigger than I have now and air conditioned fully. But it is not to be, and I can’t dwell on it.

Fall is around the corner, and that usually helps. In the past it has been due to cooler weather, we will see what the effect is when I have air conditioning to knock down the worst of it during the summer. Some of the issue too is that I have to go get materials. I don’t want to go buy two sheets of ply and figure out a way to get them home. Another reason for the want of a truck and storage space.



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