Ideas From Experience

I look for learning opportunities where I can, and the latest effort to organize was no different. The effort to put up the clamp racks was pretty revealing as to what I need to do with my router table. With having to cut so many pieces on the table saw and the back and forth, it really does make much more sense to have the router table be in series with the table saw. I figured out that I should be able to switch the dust port over to the infeed side, so that shouldn’t be an issue. Working with the drawers on the outfeed side will be a minor annoyance compared to having to flip the whole table around whenever I want to use the table saw. I will have to look at the design again to take this into consideration, but it should be minor.

The other aspect to the router table I will have to take into consideration is potentially acquiring a new router in the form of a Festool. I haven’t made a final decision yet, but I will be modifying the design a touch to make sure the carcass can hold two systainers instead of just one. Buying another Festool router also means accessories, so I have to plan for that as well. Until I can purchase an Incra table top, I will rout a dado for the miter track so I can use the Incra gauge with it as well.

I also learned from my latest turnings that I need to modify the lathe storage. The full-length drawer for chisels just isn’t going to work. I’ll have more news on that at some point, but there’s no plans for it soon. I also learned that I desperately need more light over there, so the 2x4s for the lights are in the car and just need to be cut. I could also use a light under the cabinet, however I’m not sure how long that cabinet will be there. The finish cabinet will have to find a home once the tool cabinet comes into play.

There are some other things I’m thinking about, but ultimately don’t fit here. Until next time.




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