Idle hands are the devil’s workshop

Or so the saying goes. More apt to describe me would be ‘Idle hands make the mind work overtime.’

I’m waiting for all the stars to line up, so to speak, to get started on my cabinet project. With the weather (cold this weekend), money (more is always better) and time (never enough) thwarting my plans for the next little bit, and the shop in one of it’s cleanest phases, I’m left to my own devices until I can start building.

I started going through all the scenarios if the planer shouldn’t go on top of the cabinet. Again. The thought was I would only have 52″ or so of infeed length – I couldn’t even put the boards for the workbench through there. And it seemed to be a reasonable point. It would also mean I would have to dump the tables to my current planer and I wouldn’t be able to add any to any future ones.

I think before I make any design changes I’m going to try something – the DC box I made that I no longer need, and that my planer sits on now, is too big for the shop. I’m going to measure it, and see how it would compare to the DW735 in regards to size. I wonder if I could reduce the size enough for it to still be useful but not be so big. It will cost me nothing but a little bit of time (and with what I said above, I have some to spare) and I might get a better idea if I can have a mobile stand for it at a comfortable height, or I have to continue on with my original plans.

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