I’m a believer

I was able to spend a short time in the shop yesterday, and every little moment is a treasure. I drilled the holes in the other piece of mahogany for my screwdrivers and my wheel marking gauge. I don’t believe my try squares or combo squares will work here, perhaps files instead.

The title of this post is referring to something I tried out on a whim. Since I had run both power lines out for heat, it was a good opportunity to test my new saw and it’s dust collection. The Bosch hose I bought doesn’t quite fit into the separator fully, but it is enough. The other end fits perfectly in the saw. I cut a clean edge of some MDF that I planned to use for the air compressor box.

I hate MDF. The dust goes everywhere. On everything, in my lungs, it’s disgusting. I haven’t cut any in months because of how awful it is. I’m only considering it for the box due to the dust claims by Festool.

I have to say, after making my cut with it, I am indeed a believer. While dust gets thrown in a direction without a hose hooked up, with the vac engaged it is probably about 95% effective. That’s pretty damn good. Excellent, in fact. Color me impressed. I can’t wait to pick up some shorter rails for easier cuts.

My heaters did great work today, raising the temp inside from about 27° to 47°. Not a lot got done, but it was enough to make me feel good.

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