Impulse control – concluded


Ever have a day where you really don’t want to do anything? Monday was that day for me. It was so hot and humid I was sweating just sitting in there. Not staying in front of the fan was miserable. So, really nothing further got done. I’m not sure I even had the energy to contemplate what was next, just to think about how uncomfortable it was. I did find a spot for my light tripod, and I made a temporary spot for some drill bits at the press. Beyond that though, it was a bit of a waste of time. Perhaps I can get some pictures taken Wednesday, but it’s still pretty messy in there.



Conclusion: (pictures will replace this text as soon as possible)

After going through this project this weekend, I can make some conclusions. First is, this structure isn’t worth saving. There’s too much wrong with it to put any major money into it. That means I won’t be running electricity to it at all. I also won’t be expanding it. Now this doesn’t mean that tomorrow I’ll be going out there and dismantling it. It will be for as long as it is, and I won’t be attempting to replace damaged parts of the structure. There’s enough good wood left in it that I’m not worried about collapse. I don’t think I’m going to bother raising it up of the ground though, that might tempt fate.

I think if I do anything in the next ten years, it would be to remake the structure in some capacity in a different part of my lot. I’ve got a spot it could go, but some engineering might be required. Permits might be fun. Or, I take everything out, demolish, and rebuild in it’s place. I might see if I could put 4-6′ feet along the entryway axis, but that’s about it. It might be at that point where I start thinking about electricity and that cost. But for now, it’s not an option. I’m seeing about putting external outlets on my house on that side, so running cords doesn’t involve opening a door. That would certainly help. However, I still plan to replace the doors. I simply have to. The doors on now are so bowed out at the bottom that any number of furry woodland creatures could make their home there. In fact, a bird did earlier this year. Not a pleasant experience reaching for a clamp or a #5 plane and being pecked in the eyes incessantly. I’m also looking to replace the window, provided I can find one on the cheap. It would be nice to keep the wasps and spiders out as well. Other than that and the rest of the walls, the structure is being left to it’s own devices. Hopefully it will hold up until I have the resources to replace it.

At this point, the wall remodel project is about 75% complete. The remainder will be easy except for cutting replacement sheets around the window.

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