Impulse control – continued


I started out Sunday facing a huge mess. First thing I had to do was address the pile of boards with nails sticking out of them. I hammered down the nails and set the boards aside on a pair of sawhorses outside. I wasn’t ready to dedicate time to breaking them down small enough to put into a bag. Or the three sheets of plywood strewn in front of the shop.

The first thing to move was the jointer, back to where it was, but now in-line with the plan of storing it below the rack. It was at this point where I had to sit down and think some things through. What would go where, and how it would fit best. I thought moving the sheet goods over with the rack would be best, but after a few minutes I changed my mind and put them back in the front right corner. I moved some stuff temporarily so my drill press could walk (literally) over to this corner. Then, the sheet goods went back around it. I’ll address this corner again in the conclusion.

Next thing to try and figure out was where the air compressor and the reel would go. Compressor seemed to fit well in the left front corner, so I thought about where the reel could go. Not on the wall, low, because it would interfere with either the compressor or the jointer. Then I saw an opportunity to mount it in a joist on the ceiling, next to the door. This would allow me to wheel the compressor outside and behind the door to cut down on noise. The feeder line would run down the door frame, or just inside of it out of the way. Sounded perfect. So I took on the laborious task of taking it down, and remounting it where you’ll presently see it. They don’t make this easy, having to hold the weight of the reel and the hose while you try to line your holes up and install screws into the joist. I thought I had a double joist there, but I don’t. Will add a cutoff to double it in the future when I address the ceiling. I think it’s well secured for the time being, but I’d like to ensure that with perhaps drilling through and using bolts. We’ll see. To get it mounted on the joist, I had to reverse my ladder and move it over to the right side of the entrance.

Seeing the reel finally find a true home was inspiring. That, combined with the uniform walls that now span 3/4 of my shop, made me feel like all this had a purpose. So inspired, I tried to find a home for other things in the process of cleaning up. I found that if I pushed the compressor and jointer away from the corner a little bit, I could temporarily house the portable miter station. Even doing that, I had room under the infeed table of the jointer for my trash can. Doing so alleviated my fear for the workbench – that’s where the can was, under it. I then mounted the extension cord brackets back on the left front wall. I put the ‘detail cabinet’ up beside the drill press for the time being. I moved the bandsaw back to it’s position roughly across from the table and saw. Aside from minor cleanup from that point, there was no rearranging.

I’m left at this point with a quandary – what to do with the cut-off cart. It’s sitting in front of the drill press and it’s blocking my access to the vacuum and full access to the table saw fence. I can store it over next to the bandsaw, but that makes access to the sander and tools difficult. I still have to significantly pare down my scrap in all areas. It’s a nightmare at this point. But where to put what I want to keep, and what to discard and how? Trips to the dump aren’t very often or practical.

It was at this point my activities outside for Sunday were done. Monday, if I get out there, will be spent with more cleanup and putting away. Key goals are to figure out where to hang my utility belt, a possible better spot for the scrap cart and to find a central spot for my safety gear – glasses and ears.


Here you can see the air reel and cord reels in their permanent (yes!) homes. More work to be done, but it’s a great start.


To be concluded…

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