Introducing tags

You’ll see on the right side of your screen a new sorting tool, tags. Categories have been around since the site moved to WordPress, and they allow you to pick an individual category to view things. Pick reviews to see all the reviews, lawn & garden to see only stuff related to that.

With tags, the process is similar. I’ll be using tags to highlight individual projects, ones that require more than one post. The larger the phrase is, the more posts with that tag attached. Shop master plan currently has the most posts, as I’ve included all the smaller projects related to getting the shop how I want it to be, according to the plan I formulated earlier this year.

Not every post will have tags, so if you can’t find it there continue to use the menu bar at the top, or the category function. Tags are going to be helpful in following my progress on the hand tool cabinet, or any other extensive project if you so choose.

Also, if you missed the update last night, the media gallery is now active, and can be accessed at the top of any page from the menu. It’s an ongoing process to add pictures to it, and to give all the pictures names. Please be patient.

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