It’s a good day – live thread

…whenever you can spend some time in the shop. And I anticipate that’s exactly what I’ll be doing later today when it warms up to some very comfortable temperatures. I’m hoping today I can sort out a few nibbles over where things will be ultimately going, and perhaps put a couple of drawers together on the left side.

First thing I need to do is sort out what’s going to go there for size purposes. I’m pretty sure my socket set is going at the very top, so making that will be very easy. It’s just going to be a platform drawer like I did for the OSS, with stops fore and aft so I can pull the drawer out and in by using the handle on the case. The case won’t be secured to the drawer for portability.

Beyond that, I don’t know what will be in that cabinet. I’m thinking perhaps sanding stuff, but do I have enough to justify the space?

This is a live thread. I’ll be updating it periodically this afternoon while I’m in the shop with updates and perhaps pictures.

2:30 – ok after an unexpected delay I’m finally in the shop. Until the right side of my cabinet gets done, this has to sit here.

Not a big deal really but I can’t wait for it to get its home.

3:30 – Here’s the drawer for the sockets. Nothing fancy, but it’s what I need. Not sure what I’m going to do with the cabinet as it pertains to drawer fronts or a door, but I’ll figure it out.

I only have a few inches between the spindle and the socket drawer, do my options here are limited. Something flat, like a shallow drawer for pliers, or similar.

7:30 – Here we reach the conclusion of the live thread today. I’ve been out of the shop two hours, and there were some technical issues updating the thread when I wanted to. My mobile app isn’t that stellar, and when I tried to add new pictures at 4:30, it threatened to erase the entire post.

To summarize, after the sockets drawer was done I disassembled the old dust separator and sorted through my huge pile of scrap MDF and plywood and tossed what I’ll never use. The corner was greatly cleaned up and enough room was made to temporarily stow the planer cart.

I also discovered the old temporary sander cart makes a great seat up on it’s side. I’ll get something comfier here in a bit, but this will do for now. I’m waiting for something the right height to go on a good sale.

I was in the process of getting ready to make a saw till when it was time for me to retire for the day. I was just going to use what I had, so perhaps that’s for the best and I’ll come up with some better materials to make a nicer one. That and I can spend some more time looking at all the lovely pictures on Google. I also attempted to make a shallow drawer for the left cabinet and finish that particular portion of the build, but the 1/2″ stock I had was too shallow. I’ll be picking up a sheet of 3/4″ and 1/2″ to finish the right half of the build soon (next week most likely) and I’ll have plenty of drawer material.

I might get some more shop time on Thursday, but Friday seems more likely.

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