It’s hard

Writing, that is. Especially these days with my plate fairly full. However I do get the occasional hour or so in the shop to put around, so occasionally I need to talk about it.

Over the last two weeks I’ve done a few things in the shop, mostly cleanup and preparation for transforming it again. I was hoping to get the router table reboot done before the cold weather got here, but decided that I would be rushing it and working in too small of a space. It’s been a drawn out and methodical process of removing unnecessary scrap, beginning with all the SYP left over from my bench project. I also removed the runners off the door I used to plane down the bench, and now the door rests on top of my bench for protection. The pine was of no real use to me, as the longest pieces were still too short to construct a door out of. It got placed outside where I thought I was going to burn it, but changed my mind and I’m in the process of disposing it. I also cut and bagged all the other refuse that was right outside the door from the latest stage of wall redo. I let that go way too long, but trash bags only hold so much, and I can only sneak so much into the can.

My yard looking less like the Sanford residence, I looked again upon the interior of the shop. I still have a ton of scrap in terms of plywood and MDF. I cut up about half of my MDF sheet stock and disposed of that as well. The other half I’ll work on in the next few weeks, possibly cutting up a bit at a time and putting into my shop trash can as I go. I moved a few things around, including the jointer to the front right corner and the scraps to the left front, temporarily. I’m really hoping I can get to the point where all my scrap is contained neatly or it’s nearly all gone. I also cut out the ‘shelf’ that the router table was under, to have better access to it and to moving things around. Speaking of moving, the cabinet it was attached to turns sideways for now.

I did a little bit of modification to my jointer and worked on another project that got rid of some scrap, will discuss next time.


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