I’m not the kind of person to get insanely jealous, at least I haven’t been for several years now. I do however look longingly towards others who are in better situations than I am and dream of getting there. As I said previously, I am thankful for the shop I have. However to look at others can be kind of frustrating.

My shop is small, that cannot be argued. I have half the size of the smallest one car garage. I’ve been very fortunate to have it, and to fit what I have in there. I have most tools I would need to do any job, the challenge is making it work well and also putting the project together. There is little room for assembly, if any at all. Putting together the project yesterday was frustrating, as it was hard to find space just to set the clamps up – I had to clamp it vertically.

I also get jealous of tools people have, regardless of their space. It must be nice to have $50k worth of Festool or Incra gear to competently complete a project with. I wish I could have those goodies and a large shop to use them in, but I get the feeling I’ll be lucky to ever have both. One I can probably swing.

Just some of the daily frustrations or fits of jealousy I go through. I get over it easily; a clean and organized shop helps.

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