Jointer fix?

There are several things I don’t like about my jointer. The knives need to be replaced/sharpened, and the prospect is not appealing. It takes up entirely too much room because the base flares out, plus the HTC base underneath. The fence adjustment mechanism sticks out a quarter mile.

Perhaps, though, there is a way to fix most of those issues. Why not make a new base for it? It would be way cheaper than trying to sell this one and buy a new one. It’s a perfectly usable jointer, I just need to sharpen the blades and tune it up some. Building a base for it will probably help solve the chip issue that I have, with the chute getting clogged up. I can perhaps make the jointer sit just a touch lower so that it can fit under a stand for something else. I can also use four swivel casters so that I can maneuver it around better. Perhaps use some straight toggle clamps to lift it up slightly for use. I could use a link belt to get a custom length between where the motor would sit and the jointer, so that the dust collection would be of better use.

My only concern here is stability. I would be making a base that is smaller in footprint, and thus may be less stable. Particularly, because the stand would have straight sides. I’m also not particularly sure what to make it out of. Plywood? Pine?

My heart literally aches for a bigger shop.

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