Jumping the gun

I decided to pull the trigger on a major tool purchase Saturday. I bought myself the Hitachi 12″ SCMS about a month earlier than I planned. I did this because I was concerned about availability when I was ready, plus the price and a coupon were too good to pass up.

Besides setting it up, I have a problem of where it is going to go. The plan was to build the new cabinet first, but now that plan is done. It’s a fairly big saw, but it’s construction is unique because it requires very little room behind the saw. I know moving forward I would need a.miter saw with increased capacity, but size constraints would have precluded that if not for its design. A similar space-saving design from Bosch is over twice the cost, and I can’t justify that. Now you see why the purchase had to be made early. With the price reduction at the store, there was the distinct possibility that it would not be restocked.

While the router table is still going to get priority right now, I think I can deconstruct aspects of that back wall to move things around. When I get into the shop later today I’ll make a decision.


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