Just a little bit

Ahh, the shop. It’s cold in here, which isn’t surprising hitting 60° for the first time in a month. I brought the finish cabinet back in and got it all reloaded, plus the fire extinguisher and batteries. It will get down to about 26° next weekend, but it should be okay.

With the few minutes I spent out there I fired up YouTube and watched a bit of New Brit Workshop while I searched around for something to do. I decided to take some of the worst plywood cutoffs from under the miter saw and set outside on a temporary table. Late this afternoon, I’ll take the circular saw and cut them all up for disposal. This is the first small step to getting the miter saw raised up and on the wall. This also starts to give me just a little more space so I’m not tripping over stuff.

I also attached a small little cleat to the plane till so that the router plane has a temporary home. That’s it for now, more maybe later.

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