Just a quick drawer

I was in the shop for only about an hour this afternoon, and I was able to turn a few scraps into a new drawer. It needs a front or just a pull, but it’s functional.

I already had the sides ready to go from breaking down a previous drawer, but I didn’t have a bottom nor dados in the sides to support it. I attempted to do the dado with the Craftsman router (the Craftsman, because the other is gone, remember), but the edge guide wasn’t fantastic – the 1/2″ material allowed the guide to dip below the edge and make the cut not great. So, I stopped on it a few days ago.

It was yesterday I decided to head down to Highland for a bit of window shopping and to pick up the edge guide for the OF 1400 (yeah, I haven’t really spoken on that, I’m trying to wait and do a review). It really is a shame it isn’t included out of the gate. The edge guide for the Festool is so much better. I can lock in just the right offset from the edge, and it is wider and taller than what I have with the Craftsman. I tested it out on a scrap bit of cedar, and it made a nice cut. I almost got a T-slot dialed in as well, I was probably only a millimeter off. Not bad for my first two passes with the machine.

The dado for the bottom went on mostly without incident. I need a bit better clamping solution for 1/2″ ply. It’s a bit too shallow for use with the clamping elements on the MFT. I should have used some thin hardboard or 1/4″ ply, but I used more 1/2″ ply under it. The clamps didn’t quite hold as well as I wanted. Otherwise, it made really nice dados and I was comfortable using the edge guide.

I put the router away and got out the Domino. Eight quick pencil marks and I was ready to cut the mortises, which went just peachy. Then I found a suitable bottom panel, got the TS55 out and trimmed it up very quickly. I even used millimeters. Uh oh. A bit of glue, a couple pounds of the mallet, a quick clamp job and sanding the tenons flush and it was ready for drawer slides.

Right now it’s just holding the other two jigsaws (the other is a Ryobi, I don’t have the Carvex or Trion). This drawer was done in no time flat, and wouldn’t have taken much longer if I was cutting all the pieces from a big panel.


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