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It’s been an extremely long week. Today I helped remove some Pergo and a couple of layers of vinyl flooring from a kitchen. Not mine, thankfully. Even so, I found time to head out to the shop for my first real time in there in a week. I was present, but not really active. One of the things I had wanted to find out was how well the dust collection port on the router would grab everything. The results weren’t good enough, and now I’ll have to add a port to the side and a door to the front.

I have worked out a few potential upgrades for the shop layout. I think the hardware cabinet will find a perfect home above the jointer, which will sit partially in front of the band saw and the drill press. The big cabinet on the wall will have to find a new home, most likely over in the lathe corner. In turn other things will have to move, and the cycle will continue. It’s just a little bit of effort away, and a sheet of 1/2″ ply to make a few drawers.

It won’t be this weekend, and it probably won’t be next week. This will take some time.

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