Just…one more thing

No, I’m not announcing the new iPhone 5. But I did forget to say I did buy a new router during this little absence. Sears is apparently closing out their very well-reviewed routers, presumably in advance of a new line. Having wanted a D-handle router for some time, I took the opportunity to pick up the Craftsman 28084 3-base set on sale. I went to one of the lesser traveled Sears stores (a converted Kmart) and found an older version that came with an injected molded case. This is a pretty good upgrade over the old one. A bump in HP from 2 to 2.25, better dust collection and of course with the D-base, more control. I really like it. So much so that I hope to pick up an extra motor before they sell out. Perhaps I’ll post some pictures tomorrow.

I’m taking ideas for Christmas presents for this year. Last year I had the cutting boards done before Thanksgiving, and with the cold weather it was a good thing. If there’s something you might want that you think I might be able to do, post it up.

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