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I haven’t been able to spend much more time in the shop recently, but I have made good progress since last time. I installed my clamp rack and it’s a absolutely huge addition to the shop. No more clamps in random places, besides my Kreg clamps, and those will have a place soon enough.

I bit the bullet and moved some stuff around and it’s made a nice difference. The work table moved into another corner and along with reorientation of the plastic rack, it has opened up the place nicely. Lots of floor room again, room to move around.

The next steps, which I hope to accomplish this weekend, are to get the drill press moved to where the bench was, along with putting in drill bit storage somewhere in that corner. The other project is to get the lumber rack up to replace the plastic shelves which will head to the basement. Getting all of the scrap on this rack will free up a bit of room on the floor to put the planer underneath or the table saw. Not sure yet. Saw might be the wiser choice as the planer cart could sit over the base of the drill press.

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