Knocking down the high spots

There’s a few things I need to sort out before the major projects get back underway. I need a better mental state, not to mention the physical space. I may not get them all done, but I need to at least look at alternatives.


First up is the right side cabinet. I need to do a better job of putting stuff away that has a spot, and finding a spot for the stuff that does not. In particular, drill bits and driver bits.


Here we have the left side of the cabinet. Everything is concentrated in the old drawer, which needs to be scrapped. But, where is the stuff inside going to go? Mostly small stuff that just needs to find a home, but hasn’t yet. The box is the router mounting kit for my saw, which I probably will never use.

Both are relatively simple to fix – I need a home for the odds and ends. The drill press sanding kit can go with the drill bits in that drawer on the left. All the other smaller stuff might go into a hardware container with some of the dividers removed.


This isn’t a huge problem now, but will be if the next phase of the remodel/relocation goes through. I’ve gotten the wall sorted out, but the bin will eventually have to go. A solution would be to make a divided sorter attached to the front wall that doesn’t take up as much space. Theoretically, that stuff could sit under the new bench when it is done.


Another of the minor problems. The roll of roofing paper just needs to be tossed, but I need to find a permanent home for the mobile miter saw station. Mounting it on the wall behind the bandsaw might not be a bad idea. Also there is the door I bought to be used as an outfeed table before I put the extension on the saw. Still considering using it as a temp surface for my bench for outfeed and bench protection when gluing or pounding. If the surface is as flat as claimed, I can also use it as a basis for building the bench itself.


Kind of lost in the shuffle sometimes is my air compressor and it’s reel. Currently, they are on opposite sides of the shop from each other. I’d like to have them both where the reel is, on the right side of the door. We’ll see. I’d like to have the reel a bit further out of the way, and kept attached to the compressor so I just have to plug in and fire it up. One thing I had considered was keeping it at the house, and having a 100′ hose there, and run it up to the shop as needed. Still debating that, but the compressor would be out in the elements all the time, aside from direct rain or sun contact. Would make airing up car and bike tires easier, though, as the current reel doesn’t reach that far, and if I’m not already out in the shop doing something powered, I have to do some gymnastics.


The last little problem area is this one, between the bench and the cabinet. The stool is pretty comfortable, and I’ve cleaned up this area since the pic. What concerns me more is a bin and trash can under the bench. The trash can will have to find a new home, and the bin perhaps as well. Problems to sort out, I could downsize to a smaller can certainly. I don’t generate a lot of trash outside of dust and other wood byproducts. The stool might be stowed somewhere during intense planing sessions, but I dunno.

As I stated, I did get to clean up a good bit of the floor on Friday. I’m hoping to get out for a bit today to find homes for the little things, including finally clearing off the entire saw surface. My main focus will be trying to do a little layout for the hand tool cabinet.

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